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Lamborghini 400GT

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Article Back in the limelight
Publication Octane December 2010
Back in the limelight - It starred in a motor show before being bricked-up in a garage for 35 years - now Octane drives the unique Lamborghini 400GT Monza.
Article Lambo: First Blood
Publication Classic & Sports Car September 2006
Lambo: First Blood - Long before his obsession with mid-engined supercars, Ferruccio made GTs designed to take on and shame Ferrari.  Martin Buckley drives 350 and 400 2+2 to decide where Sant'Agata's supercruisers now fit in its lexicon of greats.  Lamborghini 400GT 2+2, Lamborghini 350GT. 
Article Discovered after 35 years
Publication Octane December 2005
Discovered after 35 years - Just three Lamborghini 350/400GT chassis received special coachwork and one has been missing since the 1960s: until now.  Octane observed as the mystery of the Monza unravelled.
Article The end of the beginning
Publication Classic & Sports Car February 2001
The end of the beginning - Lamborghini 400GT - Richard Heseltine redisovers Lamborghini's fabulous '67 400GT 2+2 is this Sant' Agata's best driver's yet.
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