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Article Top 10 Drivers' Cars
Publication Practical Classics June 2011
Top 10 Drivers' Cars - Richard Gunn gets to grips with 10 of 'the most engaging and involving classics of all time'.  But will you agree with his choices?  Mini MKI, Lotus Seven S1-S4, VW Gold MKII GTI 8V, Audi Quattro, Porshe 911, Peugeot 205 GTI 1.6, Jaguar E0Type S1, Alfa Romeo Alfasud, Mazda MX-5, Bentley.
Article Icon on test - Living with a Mazda MX-5
Publication Practical Classics April 2011
Icon on test - Living with a Mazda MX-5 - Danny Hopkins spends four weeks behind the wheel of 'the world's most popular open-top sportscar'
Article Buying guide - Mazda MX-5 1989-1998
Publication Practical Classics November 2008
Buying guide - Mazda MX-5 1989-1998- This fast-appreciating modern classic is fantastic to drive, offers new-car reliability, and its cheap.  Richard Dredge tells you how to bag a beauty.
Article Buy a Mazda MX-5
Publication Classic Cars August 2007
Buy a Mazda MX-5.
Article Our Cars>>>1977 Porsche 911, Mazda MX-5, Jaguar XK 150
Publication Classic Cars May 2006

Six years in the life of a 911 - 1997 Porsche 911, - Phil Bell

Sounds good to me 1997 -Mazda MX-5 - Glen Waddington

A winder remedy for the XK 1958 Jaguar XK150 - Graeme Hurst

I've had enough of you, Saab 1971 Saab 95 - Malcolm Mckay

Giving it new juice, 1958 Standard Ten - Lloyd McNeill

Article They've never been cheaper
Publication Classic Cars October 2005
They've never been cheaper - The greatest driving icons of the last 15 years are more affordable than ever before - yet they still offer the same thrills they always promised.  Welcome to the new age classics.  Aston Martin DB7, Lotus Elise, Fiat Coupé 20V Turbo, Subaru Impreza Turbo, TVR Chimaera 4.0. Mazda MX-5.
Article Buyer's Guide - Mazda MX-5 Series I
Publication Classic Car Weekly 2 May 2012
Buyer's Guide - Mazda MX-5 Series I - The Mazda MX-5 shook up an area of the market that had long been dormant, refreshing the baby sports car formula made popular in the 1960s.  MATT GEORGE looks into buying one day.
Article Dismantling a Mazda MX-5
Publication Car Mechanics April 2012
Dismantling a Mazda MX-5 - Roadrunner racing can remove the bodyshell from a Mk1 Mazda MX-5 in less than fwo hours.  ROB HAWKINS finds out how they do it.
Article Buyer's Guide Express - Mazda MX-5 Series 2
Publication Classic Car Weekly 7 September 2011
Buyer's Guide Express - Mazda MX-5 Series 2 - The Mazda MX-5 reinvented an area of the market that had long been dormant since the 60s.  MATT GEORGE looks into buying a late model.
Article Back to basics
Publication Classic Car Mart April 2011
Back to basics - Old school revisited or mid '90s high tech? The MX-5 and MGF came from the same thinking but were worlds apart.  Paul Wager decides between MG and Mazda.
Article Buyer's Guide - Mazda MX-5 Series 1&2
Publication Classic Car Weekly 22 September 2010
Buyer's Guide - Mazda MX-5 Series 1&2 - This bargain sports car is durable, fun, cheap to buy and available on every street corner.  DAVE RICHARDS sets out the case for buying.
Article Road Test - Turning Japanese - Mazda MX 5
Publication Classic Car Mart Spring 2010
Road Test - Turning Japanese- Mazda MX 5 - With more than 850,000 examples sold, we sent Rod Ker to find out what it is that makes the MX-5 so popular.
Article Buying Power - Mazda MX-5
Publication Classic Car Weekly 31 March 2010
Buying Power - Mazda MX-5 - This was the car that reversed a dismal trend and brought all our proper small, affordable sports cars back.  RUSS SMITH takes you through all you need to know about buying a good one.
Article Is the MX-5 the best MGB Abingdon never made?
Publication Classic & Sports Car November 2009
Is the MX-5 the best MGB Abingdon never made?- Forget the Elan comparisons, Mazda's best-seller has eclipsed the octagon favourite as the world's biggest roadster bargain.  Rod Ker celebrates its 20th birthday with Mk1,2 and 3.
Article Ultimate showdown #6 Mazda MX-5 vs MGF
Publication Classic & Sports Car April 2009
Ultimate showdown #6 Mazda MX-5 vs MGF- Russ Smith chooses from the two leading contenders in the '90s roadster revival.
Article Buyers Guide - Mazda MX-5
Publication Classics Monthly October 2008
Buyers Guide - Mazda MX-5- Classic looks with modern underpinnings: Mazda's little sportscar is a rising star.
Article Buying Power - Mazda MX-5
Publication Classic Car Weekly 19 April 2007
Buying Power - Mazda MX-5 - Just as everyone was getting used to there being no affordable small two-seater sportscars around at the beginning of the Nineties, Mazda went and kick-started the trend again with the MX-5.  And they're just as much fun today, says RICHARD GUNN, as he looks at  buying one.  Expert advice come from Gary Thompson of MX-5 specialist Paul Sheard Auto Parts.
Article Shared inspiration
Publication Classics Monthly Spring 2007
Shared inspiration - When Mazda decided to bring back the real sportcar, it was very bad luch for the Evante.  MX-5 v Evante.
Article Our cars
Publication Car March 2007
Our cars - It was crude and noisy, but also fun.  And now our Mazda MX-5 has gone, we're missing it already.
Article Timewarp Classics: No 35
Publication Classic Car Weekly 26 October 2006
Timewarp Classics: No 35 - Motorcycle fans knew about the Japanese industry's ability to beat the Europeans at their own game, but carmakers were given a rude awakening in 1989.  KEITH ADAMS recalls the launch of the Mazda MX-5 and how it was responsible for the rebirth of the open-topped sportscar around the world.
Article Buyers Guide - Mazda Mx-5
Publication Classics Monthly July 2006
Buyers Guide - Mazda Mx-5
Article Starter Classic - Mazda MX-5
Publication Classic & Sports Car April 2006
Starter Classic - Mazda MX-5 - The roadster that made traditional sports cars fashionable again can be a great first classic, explains Malcolm McKay.
Article Not for girls! - Mazda MX-5
Publication Car August 2005
Mazda MX-5 -  Not for girls! - The world’s most popular roadster is back.  It’s all new, ultra modern and just about powerful enough to shake off the hairdresser tag.
Article Roadster Resurrection
Publication Classics Monthly June 2005
Roadster Resurrection - In the 1980s the two-seater, soft-top roadster was dead and buried.  Then the Mazda MX-5 changed everything - and the sportster was born again.
Article Road Test - Mazda MX-5 Mk1
Publication Classic Car Weekly 19 May 2005
The Specialist - Howard Strawford - Motor Racing Circuit Owner - Built 1989-97, two-seater roadster with optional hardtop.  Front-engined, rear-wheel-drive. 1597cc and 1839cc twin-cam, four-cylinder engines.
Article Famous Five - The New Mazda MX-5
Publication Top Gear April 2005
Famous Five - The New Mazda MX-5 - The Guinness Book of Records lists him as its biggest fan.  So who better than Top Gear TV producer Andy Wilman to run an obsessive’s eye over the all-new MX-5.
Article Buying Power - Mazda MX-5
Publication Classic Car Weekly 24 February 2005
Buying Power - Mazda MX-5 - Mazda’s MX-5 reintroduced the idea of a small, lightweight roadster years after everybody else had forgotten about it.  RICHARD GUNN guides you through buying the Japanese Lotus Elan.
Article Changing of the Guard?
Publication Classic & Sports Car August 2004
Changing of the Guards? - MG and Triumph’s 'old faithful' budget sportsters are facing an onslaught from the now similarly priced Mazda MX-5.  Dave Richards asks if the Japanese challenger is actually the obvious choice. MG Midget MKIII, Triumph Spitfire MKIV, Mazda MX-5.
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