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Article Buying Guide - 1979-1986 Mazda RX-7
Publication Classic Cars May 2005
Buying Guide - 1979-1986 Mazda RX-7 - The original Mazda RX-7 is an extremely rare sight today.  If you’re tempted by rotary power with Japanese reliability, then read on.
Article From Cradle to Grave Mazda RX-7.
Publication Practical Classics March 2003
From Cradle to Grave Mazda RX-7. Spin cycle. When NSU failed, Mazda succeeded to become the only car maker to keep faith with the rotary engine. And no car preaches the rotary gospel better than the RX-7, says John Simister.
Article Buyers Datafile - Mazda RX-7
Publication Practical Classics Spring 2001
Buyers Datafile - Mazda RX-7 - Interesting yet practical, the RX-7 is a bargain buy. Mark Dixon explains.
Article Rotary Club
Publication Classics Monthly January 2010
Rotary Club - The Mazda RX-7 made the world take its revolutionary engine seriously.
Article Buying Power - Mazda RX-7 1978-92
Publication Classic Car Weekly 16 March 2006
Buying Power - Mazda RX-7 1978-92 - Mazda finally managed to lick the problems of the Wankel rotary engine with the popular RX-7 of 1978.  Richard Gunn delves into buying the first two generation.
Article Early Risers
Publication Classic & Sports Car February 2005
Early Risers - These three diverse sports coupés made the world take the Japanese motor industry seriously.  Dale Spiller compares Datsun 240Z, Mazda RX-7 and Toyota Celica GT2000.
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