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Mercedes-Benz 170SV


Produced: 1953-1955, 3122 produced.
Types: Saloon,4 doors,4 seats
Mercedes Benz 170 Crashtest  (1951)

The first serious production Mercedes saloon did not appear until 1953, the 170 series. The 170 was available in either petrol or diesel form with both cars using the same four door saloon body. The design was not actually new, in fact its routes stretched back as far as 1936, however the 170 played an important role in re-establishing Mercedes in post-war Europe.

Despite the pre-war looks of the 170 it did manage to incorporate hydraulic brakes and a rear swing-axle. The petrol 170SV was powered by a sidevalve straight four unit measuring 1767cc. Access to the engine was via an old fashioned split-bonnet which coupled with exposed headlamps gave a real 1930's feel to the cars styling.


1767ccS4 SV

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