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Article Group Test - Modified MGBs
Publication Practical Classics September 2012
Group Test - Modified MGBs - To celebrate the MGB's 50th birthday, we've brought together six uprated examples.  John Simister finds our which is best.  1964 MGOC MGB Roadster, 1995 MG RV8, 1973 MGB GT V8, 1967 MGB GT6, 1973 MGB V8.
Article 1964 MGB
Publication Practical Classics February 2012
1964 MGB - For almost 35 years Jorn Muller-Neuhaus's MGB has been his daily driver - with one significant pause while he rebult it from a pile of wreckage.
Article Beauty and the 'B' - The styling debate
Publication Classic Cars January 2012
Beauty and the 'B' - The styling debate - Pretty, but not too sexy.  Spritely, but not dangerous.  Its designer Done Hayter and other top stylists debate why we're still in love with the 50-year-old MGB.
Article Buying Guide - MG B 1962-1981
Publication Practical Classics April 2010
Buying Guide - MG B 1962-1981 - All Bs are stylish and practical, but the rubber bumper version is a steal.
Article MGB Sexier than ever
Publication Classic Cars October 2006
MGB Sexier than ever - The MGB is the uniquitous classic car, so popular that you either love it or resent it.  But with a story as charming as its simple technology, it's easy to dall for the B.  And you can make any one faster, sharper and better - it's worth a second look.
Article The MGB years
Publication Classic Cars October 2006
The MGB years - If you had to epitomize the world of classic cars with one image, it would be the MGB, in its British homeland and the world at large, the B stirs strong passions.  Here's the tale of a true icon.
Article Reality Restoration - An MG is born Part Ten
Publication Practical Classics July 2006
Reality Restoration  - An MG is born Part Ten - Mark Evans and his team have reached the end of a very long road in the MGB restoration.  It's been tough work but it was worth the blood, sweat and tears.
Article Reality restoration - An MG is born Part six
Publication Practical Classics April 2006
Reality restoration - An MG is born Part six - When the paintjob goes down badly, the heater breaks and the screen-fitting is agony, stay positive.  At least your workshop colleague isn't as flatulent as usual.
Article Reality restoration
Publication Practical Classics November 2005
Reality restoration - In the first of a series of colourful workshop reports, Mark Evans' reveals how he began his quest to rejuvenate a mouldy wreck for TV series An MG is Born.
Article Rebuilding a True Classic - Engine Workshop - B-Series Part One
Publication Practical Classics August 2004
Rebuilding a True Classic - Engine Workshop - B-Series Part One - California Classics of Hull shows Rob Hawkins how to strip, machine and rebuild a trusty British B-series engine from an MGB.
Article Topless Beauties
Publication Practical Classics May 2003

Topless Beauties - The best British sports car ever? Probably.  The public loved the Roadster in its formative years and it stormed through the Sixties in style.  But did it improve like a fine wine or age disgracefully? Kevin Leaper investigates the growing pains of MGís superstar.

Article Buyers Guide MGB 1962-1980
Publication Practical Classics January 2003
Buyers Guide - MGB 1962-1980. Affordably priced, fun to drive and mechanically simple, the MGB has it all. Throw in top-notch parts availability and you have one of the most practical classics available.
Article Buying Guide - MGB (1962-80)
Publication Classic Cars November 2002
Buying Guide - MGB (1962-80) - Britain's best-known sports car, the MGB range makes perfectly practical everyday transport 40 years after its introduction - and it's a better drive than you might think.
Article So many ways to be different
Publication Practical Classics February 2002
So many ways to be different. With more modification parts available for the MGB than for any other classic, surely it would be rude not to indulge in a little tweaking? David Lillywhite explains how to do it.
Article Class of 62
Publication Octane April 2012
Class of 62 - It's 50 years since the launch of the Selby Cobra, MGB, Lotus Elan and Ferrari 250GTO.  Happy birthday, legends all.
Article Living the dream - Budget MGBs: 13k roadster or £2k GT?
Publication Classic Car Mart February 2012
Living the dream - Budget MGBs: 13k roadster or £2k GT? - With an unlimited budget, most MGB fans would snap up an early roadster.  But for cash-strapped buyers, there are some equally tempting alternative routes to ownership.
Article Happy birthday faithful friend
Publication Classic & Sports Car January 2012
Happy birthday faithful friend - It's the car that introduced millions to sports car motoring, and in 2012 the MGB marks its half-century.  Former owner Alastair Clements pays tribute.
Article Classic to restore
Publication Classic Car Mart March 2011
Classic to restore - It's at this time of the year that many of us consider our next project.  But which classics make the best choices right now? Paul Guinness chooses six of his most recommended classic to restore.  Morris Minor, MGB & MGB GT, Classic Mini, Ford Anglia 105E, Triumph TR5, Austin-Healey Sprite.
Article Buyer's Guide Express - MGB (1962-1980)
Publication Classic Car Weekly 22/29 December 2010
Buyer's Guide Express - MGB (1962-1980) - The most popular classic ever? BEN WANKLYN guides you through the A-Z of MG's immortal B.
Article Dream works
Publication Classics Monthly October 2009
Dream works - Owning an MGB had always been Roger Boys' dream, but the restoration didn't exactly go to plan.
Article Buyer's guide - Simply the best MG?
Publication Classic Car Mart June 2009
Buyer's guide - Simply the best MG?- Cheap to buy, fun to drive, great to work on - the MGB has it all.
Article Buying power - MGB
Publication Classic Car Weekly 28 June 2007
Buying power - MGB - If ever a classic car has really needed no introduction, it's the MGB.  So we won't waste out time here telling you about it.  Just jump straight in to RICHARD GUNN's buyer's guide on the British sportscar with the biggest following of 'em all.  Expert opinion comes from marque specialist Mal Williams of Lower Barn Classics.
Article Winter Warmers
Publication Classic & Sports Car March 2006
Winter Warmers - MG's sports GTs - roadsters with roofs - are practical classic transport all year round.  David Richards leaves his thermals at home to compare the A, B and C.
Article Dr Whoosh! - 1972 MGB Historic FIA Racer
Publication Classics Monthly February 2006
Dr Whoosh! - 1972 MGB Historic FIA Racer - Retired GP Rod Longton now has more time to race his MGB.  Paul Bussey reports.
Article Starter Classic - MGB Roadster
Publication Classic & Sports Car September 2005
Starter Classic - MGB Roadster - Britainís best-selling sports car makes a great first classic, explains Malcolm McKay.
Article Buying power - MGB Roadster
Publication Classic Car Weekly 4 August 2005
Buying power - MGB Roadster - With timelessly elegant stying, simple underpinnings and unrivalled spares support, the MGB Roadster proves that you can enjoy two-seater open top classic fun without the hassle, as SIMON GOLDSWORTHY discovers.
Article The loneliness of the long distant runner
Publication Classic & Sports Car June 2005
The loneliness of the long distant runner - They reckon the humble MGB is the most practical, fun-to-drive and affordable classic.  Martin Port puts the claim to the test, driving just his B for a month.  He also meets a few like-minded owners and suggests rival sports car that still cut it as daily drivers.
Article Marque Five - The Best MGs!
Publication Classic Car Mart August 2004
Marque Five - The Best MGs! - Whatever your thoughts on MG, you canít deny itís the archetypal British Sporting marque.  Paul Guinness picks five of the best models to buy right now. MGA, MGB, Midget, Magnette MkIII & IV, MGF
Article Cover Feature - Best of British
Publication Classics August 2004
Cover Feature - Best of British - When it comes to Classic roadsters, Britain leads the way.  Carlin Gerbich drives five soft top two seaters that changed the world. Austin Healey 100, MGB Roadster, Triumph TR6, Reliant SS1, 1996 Lotus Elise.
Article HQ Calling - The Lost Traveller; the MG year, by Steve Wilson
Publication Classic Car Mart June 2004
HQ Calling - The Lost Traveller; the MG year, by Steve Wilson - Steve takes his first GT up to MG Heartland in Cambridgeshire for a personal seminar on 'B's..
Article Affordable Sports Cars - Supplement
Publication Classic Car Mart May 2004
Affordable Sports Cars - Supplement - Austin-Healey 3000, Jaguar XK120, MGB, Daimler SP250, Triumph Spitfire MK IV, MG Midget 1500.
Article MGB Forever!
Publication Classic Car Mart May 2004
MGB Forever! - While our man Steve Wilson gets to grips with his rubber-bumpered MGB GT, Dave Bowers uncovers a little red Roadster.† And a shiny Roadster, it is, too...
Article "The Garage Was to be Demolished, MG and all!"
Publication Classics Spring 2004
"The Garage Was to be Demolished, MG and all!" - After being made redundant, Brian Loftus needed a project to keep him busy.† As money was tight, the MG was restored on a budget, as Paul Bussey recalls... 1967 MGB GT
Article Classics January 2002 pg 100
Publication Classics January 2002
MG Magnette ZA/ZB. Highly praised sporting saloons from the 1950s, but what are the ZA/ZB Magnettes like to maintain? Kim Henson takes a close look.
Article Classics December 2001 pg 26
Publication Classics December 2001
Your Classics. Welded to his task. Hidden horrors awaited Phil Pope when he bought this Maestro Turbo. Undaunted, he taught himself to weld. . .
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