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Paramount Mark I


Produced: 1950-1956
Types: Coupe
Designed to provide a sports car of exceptional beauty while retaining the distinctive British character favoured by most sports drivers. A pleasing style has been achieved without exaggeration. At the same time great care has been taken in embodying those features of comfort, safety, and smoothness normally associated with much more expensive cars. The suspension and steering are outstanding features, being of such quality as to provide riding comfort and stability on the road comparable with the best examples of modern motoring.

Engine - Four cylinder, bore 63.5mm, stroke 92.5mm, 1,172cc, three bearing crankshaft; cooling by four-blade fan and thermo-syphon water circulation; forced feed lubrication. Four point engine suspension. A.C. oil filter; twin S.U. carburetters. A.C. mechanically-driven petrol pump with device for hand priming Synchromesh gearbox; three speeds and revers; centre change gear lever fitted with special sports remote control lever to facilitate rapid change.

Suspension and Transmission - Front suspension of the independent linked wishbone type. Rear axle with latest type hypoid bevel gear. Propeller shaft of all-metal type with universal joints by Hardy Spicer. Hydraulic double-acting piston type shock absorbers. Extra long rear springs. Suspension and transmission are so designed and arranged as to ensure complete absence of body sway and vibration, giving exceptional comfort at all speeds and under all conditions of driving, with perfect control of all wheel movement.

Steering - Burman steering, light and accurate under all conditions. Modern two-arm steering wheel incorporating switch controls for horn, trafficators and headlamp dipper.

Brakes - Girling hydraulic brakes. Pistol-Grip hand-brake with independent mechanical operation on rear wheels.

Fuel Supply - Extra strong petrol tank, with anti-splash baffles, holding approx. eight gallons. A.C. mechanical fuel pump with manual hand primer. Petrol filler cap with hinged head and key locking device.

Jacking - A simple jacking system is provided through special brackets on the chassis side members, located by opening a small panel in the floor.

Wheels and Tyres - Pressed steel detachable wheels fitted with 5.25 x 16 Dunlop tyres.

Colour Range - Black, metallic blue, sky blue, metallic green, cream, metallic crimson, metallic 'Shot Silk.'

Electrical Equipment - 12 volt equipment. Coil ignition. Battery located under bonnet. Headlamps and separate side lamps flush fitting in wings. Stop-tail lamps and number plate illuminator. Self cancelling trafficators in flush-fitting weatherproof box containers. Dual screenwipers at foot of windscreen controlled by pull-push switch on dash. Key ignition switch and complete complement of modern instruments.

The Chassis - Underslung chassis constructed in cold drawn steel tube of the highest quality. Welded cross members of exceptional strength ensuring sufficient rigidity, perfect stability and balance, and obviating all signs of torsional deflection.

De-Luxe Coupe - Snug fitting draught-proof hood - completely invisible when down - easily adjusted by one person. Choice of colours in mohair. Quarter lights and winding windows to doors.

Roadster - Draught-proof hood in fawn or black mohair. Easily adjusted by one person. Side curtains with good visibility.

Bodywork - By scientific streamstyling an exceptionally graceful design has been achieved and has resulted in reducing wind resistance and wind noises to a minimum. The body and doors are constructed of ash framing panelled in aluminium. All timber is treated by rot-proofing and protected against weather. Wings and all removable panels are effected in 16 gauge aluminium, special attention having been paid to their removability and ease of replacement. Special stoneguards are fitted under front and rear wings. The body is constructed in the best traditions of superior coachbuilding practice to withsand the hardest wear under the most adverse conditions. All panels are anti-drummed to ensure body silence on all surfaces.

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