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Article The last affordable 911s?
Publication Classic Cars June 2011
The last affordable 911s? - Prices of pre-'71 Porsche 911s may be rising out of reach, but bargains remain among their successors.  Let us steer you towards the right model of air-cooled bliss.
Article Fit for purpose
Publication Classic Cars November 2009
Fit for purpose- Porsche's little-known Lightweight 911T was rare when it was new, which makes finding one tucked away in a surburban garage in Temecula, California a real treat.
Article Three of a different kind
Publication Classic Cars February 2009
Three of a different kind- Forty years ago the Triumph TR5, Porsche 911 and Alfa GTV offered their own take on captivating dynamics, competition-bred integrity and affordable Sixties style.  Which one belongs in your garage today?  Triumph TR5, 1972 Porsche 911T, 1970 Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV.
Article Porsche 911: Part 5 Classic Car Legends
Publication Classic Cars May 2006
The 911 Files Inc Buying a 911
Article Buyers Guide - Lucky Numbers 911 - Porsche 911
Publication Practical Classics Spring 1998
Buyers Guide - Lucky Numbers 911 - Porsche 911 - The supercar you really can use every day becomes even more tempting with a £10,000 price tag. Russ Smith picks the winners from the first 25 years of the Porsche 911.
Article Buyer's guide - Living the dream - Porsche 911 (1963-1989)
Publication Classic Car Mart May 2009
Buyer's guide - Living the dream - Porsche 911 (1963-1989)- It's one of the most iconic cars ever made, but don't even think about buying one until you've read our guide.
Article Targa stripes
Publication Classics Monthly April 2006
Porsche 911 Targa stripes - An open-topped Porsche was once every stockbroker's fantasy, but today a 911 Tagra brings that dream closer than you might think.  Mike Renaut makes a note in his Filofax.
Article Call 911 - Porsche 911
Publication Classics August 2004
Call 911 - Porsche 911 - The Porsche 911 needs no introduction.  Greg Whitaker finds out why it’s one of the twelve cars you must drive.
Article The Best Car in the World - Porsche 911
Publication Car April 2004
The Best Car in the World - Porsche 911 - And here's just 50 of the reasons why.
Article Road Test - Porsche 911 ('64-'77)
Publication Classic Car Weekly 10th December 2003
Road Test - Porsche 911 ('64-'77) - Coupé 2+2, rear-engined, rear-drive GT/Sports car.  When it comes to sporting classics that most people aspire to, few can match the Porsche 911.
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