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Article Buying guide - Renault 4 - How to pick an honest 4 (1961-1992)
Publication Practical Classics November 2006
Buying guide - Renault 4 - How to pick an honest 4 - It sold nearly as much as the 2CV and Mini combined, yet the R4 is largely overlooked.
Article Twin Test: Renault 4CV v Volkswagen Beetle
Publication Practical Classics Spring 2006
Cars don't get any more famous than the VW Beetle, but is it time to look beyond the Bug? By Roger Payne
Article Group test. - One in a milion
Publication Practical Classics June 2003
Group test. - One in a milion - They may not have changed the world, but each of these cars found favour with more than a million happy customers - the first time this feat had been achieved by the manufacturers in question.  Nigel Boothman gets his chquebook out. Renault 4 CV 1957, Toyota Corona 1 1966, Ford Anglia 105E 1960, Morris Minor Million 1960, Peugeot 403 1960, Skoda 1000 MB 1965.
Article Classic Cars June 2000 pg 86
Publication Classic Cars June 2000
Sea view. Perfect for a sunny day, ideal for a trip to the beach, the Renault 4CV Décapotable turned the humble saloon into something much more interesting and much more desirable.
Article People's champion
Publication Octane August 2011
People's champion - Built for the masses and down to a price, Renault's innovative R4 caused a sensation 50 years ago - and it's still a great drive today.
Article White Lightning
Publication Classics Monthly January 2011
White Lightning - Malcolm Vardy didn't just restore this Renault 4 - he made it quieter and a lot more powerful.
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