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Rohr 2 Door Roadster Cabriolet


Produced: 1928-0, 1100 produced.

Hans Gustav Röhr (1895-1937) was a leading World War 1 Fighter pilot and also designed aero-engines. In the early 1920's he modified cars to use his ifs, and in 1926 he acquired the factory which had formerly built the FALCON. Here he put in to production an advanced car with a smal straight-8 engine of 1980cc and a sheet steel platformframe. Front suspension was independant by two transverse leaf springs and there were cantilever spring at the rear also giving independant suspension. Brakes were by Lockheed. At first only two body styles were offered. 4-door saloon and a cabrio-limousine with a roll top so that the car could be completely open.

In 1928 the two door cabriolet was added engine capacity went up to 2246cc . Röhr made about 1100 of these. They were called Type R 8/40ps and 9/50ps . The firm was badly hit by depression and HG Röhr left to become a technical director of ALDER. A reorganised company largely swiss capital brought out an enlarged version of the R called RA with 2496cc 55bhp engine. The wheelbase was lengthened by 4 inches and 4-speed. ZF Aphan gearbox with freewheel was available. as an alternative to the 3-spped warner unit. Same body styles as before.

From 1932 appearance was modernised by sloping radiator. 1933 brought in a larger engine 75bhp 3287cc Typ F designed by Ferdinad Porsche. Further developed into Typ FK in 1934. with supercharger giving 100bhp 350 RA were produced 250 F and no more than 20 FK. The F & FK had wheelbases of 127-128 Inches (3223mm-3249mm) allowing 6-light Pullman limousine boday as well as sports and cabriolet's To supplement slaes of the straight-8 Röhr acquired the licence to build Tatra T.57     

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