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Rolls-Royce Phantom IV


Produced: 1950-1956, 18 produced.
Rolls Royce Phantom IV (1950)

An almost mythical model, the Phantom IV is without doubt one of the most exclusive cars of all time, just 18 cars were built from 1950-1956.

Three cars went to General Franco's collection, the rest were all built for Royal families at home and abroad, in fact the British Royal family still operate their cars to this day for ceremonial and state occasions.

Another unusual fact is that the Phantom IV used the largest of R-R's post-war range of engines the straight eight B80, of 5675cc.

Rolls-Royce had planned to produce a 4 cylinder (B40), 6 cylinder (B60) and this the 8 cylinder (B80) for military and civil uses. The B80 only ever appeared in the Phantom IV and was never used in any motorcar application.


5675ccS8 IOE

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