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Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow I Coupe


Produced: 1965-1971, 606 produced.
Types: Coupe,2 doors,4 seats
Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow I Coupe

Launched shortly after the standard saloons the Silver Shadow coachbuilt cars carried 2 door saloon bodies by Mulliner ParkWard (a few were built by James Young with similar lines to the 4 door). The fixed head saloon was soon joined by an attractive 2 door convertible version complete with a powered folding hood. Both MPW built cars had a sportier, more shapely body style to the standard 4 door car, sometimes referred to as a "Coke bottle" design.

From 1971 the MPW coachbuilt 2 door cars became known as the Corniche. The Corniche was more or less identical to its predecessor although engine power was slightly increased. The Corniche continued to inherit changes from the Silver Shadow saloon range until eventually it received the updated body style of the Silver Shadow II in 1977. 

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6230ccV8 OHVRolls Royce V8104mm x 91mm9
6750ccV8 OHVRolls Royce V8104mm x 99mm8

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