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Toyota Soarer UZZ32


Produced: 1991-2000
Types: Coupe,2 doors
1991 Toyota Soarer UZZ32 Dashboard
The top of the range UZZ32 model of the Soarer was only sold in Japan and badged as Toyota, other models in the range were exported as Lexus.  The 4.0i V8 1UZ-FE engine, with 3987cc -is an eight cylinder fast, smooth, reliable and powerful engine. A special feature on the car is the 4 - wheel steering: works as opposite to fronts below 30mph and parallel to fronts above 30mph giving an amazing handling at any speed and manoeuvrability. Active hydraulic suspension (brilliant sports ride and absorbs every bump, level cornering at any speed etc.).  Otherwise, touchscreen controls, digital dash display, original Nakamichi sound system (2 ohm sub woofer & 12 CD changer) and aircon compressor.
Source: Motorbase
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