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Triumph 2500TC Saloon/Estate


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Article Buying Guide - Triumph 2000,2500 and 2.5 (1963-1977)
Publication Practical Classics December 2007
Buying Guide - Triumph 2000,2500 and 2.5- Developed to compete head on with the Rover P6 2000, Triumphs new saloon and estate range was streets ahead of the Vanguard it replaced.
Article Triumph 2500 rally car
Publication Classics Monthly January 2012
Triumph 2500 rally car - Recreating a period rally car in four months is one challenge.  Taking it on a gruelling 8900 mile, London to Cape Town fundraiser is quite another.  Meet the Triumph 2500 of Team 9.
Article Buying power - Triumph 2000 2500/2.5 Range
Publication Classic Car Weekly 29 October 2009
Buying power - Triumph 2000 2500/2.5 Range - Among the most handsome of the new crop of executive saloons of the Sixtied was the Michelotti-penned Triumph 2000, which would last through until the late-Seventies in revamped and enlarged MK2 form.  RICHARD GUNN is your guide to what vital areas to check if you're thinking of getting one.
Article Buyers Guide - Triumph 2000/2500 Estate
Publication Classics Monthly May 2008
Buyers Guide - Triumph 2000/2500 Estate- A classic estate that's practical, affordable and fun to drive.
Article Buying Power - Triumph 2000/2500/2.5PI
Publication Classic Car Weekly 15 February 2007
Buying Power - Triumph 2000/2500/2.5PI - Buy the right example, and the last big Triumph can be a great drive at a bargain price.  DALE DRINNON reports on how to pick a winner.
Article Buying Power - Triumph 2000/2.5
Publication Classic Car Weekly 11th February 2004
Buying Power - Triumph 2000/2.5 - Big Triumph saloons are comfortable, fast and well-built - a useable everyday classic with huge style.  James Page shows you how to buy a sound exemple.
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